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Horse Calendar 2014

horse calendar 2014

Are you looking for a Horse Calendar, for a horse lover?

Only a true horse lover can tell you how these wonderful animals can get a hold of your heart and bring tears to your eyes because of their sheer beauty. My daughter and I have horses in our blood and love nothing more than spending time with them.

The Horse has many meanings to many people. The Chinese revere the horse as one of their Animal Horoscope signs and 2014 is The Chinese Year of the Horse. In the Native American culture, it is said that the horse was the first animal medicine given. You can find out more about the spiritual meaning of the horse in this context at Native American Horse Totem.

Here’s a selection of the top selling Calendars Horses, any of which will make a lovely gift for anyone who loves horses. Look out for the 2014-2015 Calendars that have bonus pages covering September to December 2014, making a great gift for people with Fall Birthdays!

What Horses Teach Us 2014
The Top Selling 2014 Horses Calendar

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Spirit Horses 2014 Wall Calendar

List Price: $14.99
Current Price: $25.64
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In this 12 month Horse Calendar, photographer Tony Stromberg uses his wonderful images of horses to lessen what he calls “modern life’s disturbing separation between people and nature.”

This wonderful 2014 Spirit Horses wall calendar features gorgeous portraits of wild and domestic horses. Each image is thoughfully paired with quotations from teachers and writers, who help us make the link between equine wisdom and spirituality.

Stromberg firmly believes that horses have a role as teachers who bring a deep awareness to a world that is dangerously out of balance both spiritually and ecologiocally.

Stromberg is the author and creator of the books Spirit Horses and The Forgotten Horses.

Horse Lovers 2014 Wall Calendar

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This 2014 Horse Calendar will be appreciated by true horse lovers who understand that horses actually evolved to run free and away from danger. That was before humans came along and domesticated these beautiful animals and forced them to face their fears.

This Horse Lovers Calendar celebrates everything that is free and natural about the horse. Not a saddle, bridle or rider to be seen!

Horses in the Mist 2014 Wall Calendar

This 12 month 2014 Horse Calendar features the original art of Persis Clayton Weirs and Chris Cummings. Each month is accompanied by a portrait of a band of horses, or a mare and foal in their natural settings

This calendar also includes FREE Horses Wallpaper downloads for your PC.

Horses 2014 Wall Calendar

This 16 month 2013-2014 Horse Calendar features breathtaking full-color photographs by Mark J. Barnett of some of the world’s most popular horse breeds.Each image has informative captions, making the calendar educational as well as visually stunning.

The calendar has mini-grids for September to December 2013 and full sized grids from January through to December 2014.

Lesley Harrison:
The Spirit of Horses 2014 Wall Calendar

Artist Lesley Harrison creates pastel paintings of horses against a natural setting, that are remarkable due to their rich detail but also because she encapsulates everything that is so moving about watching a horse run.

The Artist’s patience and attention to the smallest detail results in horse pictures that are fresh and solifelike

Each page in this calendar features a painting that is stunning and also includes her own comments about the image and its subject.

Gypsy Vanner Horse 2013-2014 Wall Calendar

List Price: $14.99
Current Price: $14.99
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The affectionate, magnificent Gypsy Vanner horses were originally bred by European Gypsies and are soaring in popularity in the US. They can still be seen at the traditional Horse Fairs that are regularly held in the UK.

Photographer Mark Barrett captures the power, gorgeous feathering and the beauty of the flowing manes and tails of these gentle giants.

Just Horses
2013-2014 Wall Calendar

List Price: $14.99
Current Price: $7.39
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I LOVE the picture on the front of this horse calendar! I am betting that this is an Anglo Arab – he is so like one of the horses that my daughter rides.

This horse lovers calendar has 12 gorgeous full color horse photographs, each accompanying a full calendar month plus a bonus page for September to December 2013.

Horse Feathers
2014 Wall Calendar

List Price: $14.99
Current Price: $10.14
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The larger breeds of horses are blessed with the most beautiful feathers on their hocks and abundant manes and tails. In this 12 month horse calendar, photographer Mark Barrett captures the beauty, power, striking features and flow of their manes, feathered feet and tails.

Wild Horse Calendar 2014

List Price: $14.95
Current Price: $14.95
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Help Wild Horses to run free – this calendar donates to a horse charity!

To run wild and free on the open range is the natural way of the horse. Horses evolved to run in herds and to run away from danger. Then man came along.

Celebrate the natural freedom of the wild horse through these wonderful photographs by Rita and Charles Summers, which also remind us of the need to preserve the natural environment of the wild horse – the open range.

Sales of this horse calendar benefit the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary. Located in South Dakota, more than 10,000 acres have been set aside to protect unadoptable wild mustangs and allow them to run free as nature intended!

Horse A Portrait
2013-2014 Wall Calendar

List Price: $14.99
Current Price: $36.77
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Christiane Slawik is an award-winning photographer and in this 16 month 2013-2014 Horses Calendar, she takes us on a worldwide tour through her portraits of some of the most magnificent horses on Earth.

The full-color, wall calendar has large format daily grids with plenty of room for noting appointments, birthdays and other reminders. Four bonus months of September through December 2012 are also included, making this an ideal Calendar to give as a gift in the Fall or at the start of Winter.

Magic of Horses
2013-2014 Wall Calendar

This 16 month Horse calendar runs from September 2013, through to the end of December 2014. 12 amazing, full-color photographs capture the magical but independent and wild spirit of the horseshowing this most beautiful animal in all of its glory.

The pictures are simply stunning!

Foal Calendar
Fillies & Colts 2014 Wall Calendar

Through her hand painted original pastel portraits, artist Persis Clayton Weirs illustrates an elusive look at the life of mare and her filly or colt and depicts their life and adventures together throughout the year.

This horses calendar also includes free downloadable wallpaper for your PC.

Horse Sense
2013-2014 Wall Calendar

Current Price: $7.47
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This 16 month Horse Lovers Calendar has four bonus months, starting in September 2013 and running until the end of December 2014.

There’s an old saying: “There is as much horse sense as there ever was,but the horses have most of it.” This beautiful Horse Calendar has 12 engaging full-color horse photos, which are thoughtfully paired with text and quotes providing the simple lessons in good sense that we can learn from the horse.



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These horse calendars are just wonderful! Makes me wish I had enough rooms to have one of each in my home.

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